Loveless Cafe: A Nashville, Tennessee Landmark

When you mention the city of Nashville, one restaurant that is notorious for real Southern food comes to mind. The Loveless Cafe serves scrumptious classic breakfast fare in a charming and quaint setting that is fit for foodies, or in this case, country music stars that regularly frequent this hot spot. It is a Nashville, Tennessee landmark.

Location: Loveless Cafe is located on the outskirts of town (Natchez Parkway-8400 Highway 100), but the restaurant’s delicious eats are well worth the drive. Timing is everything; The restaurant is almost always on a wait. Opt for an early breakfast or late lunch to avoid the crowds.

Menu: Authentic home-cooked Southern comfort staples dominate the menu. Loveless Cafe serves tasty items such as buttermilk biscuits, preserves, home-fried potatoes, country ham, and everything else that you once ate gathered around your grandmother’s table. Loveless Cafe’s blue plate lunch specials include Chicken n’ Dumplings, BBQ Chicken, and Watermelon Ribs.

Their side dishes, just as important as the main course in the South, allow you to choose from turnip greens, creamy cole slaw, creamed corn, fried green tomatoes, and macaroni & cheese. End your meal with a honkin’ big slice of pie with meringue piled high and baked to perfection.

Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Thoughts: The Loveless Cafe’s iconic neon sign advertising Hot Biscuits and Country Ham is the first thing you see when you arrive. The restaurant, a small country house, has been providing the quintessential country setting for over 65 years. A patio allows for outdoor dining, but many people prefer to sit inside where they will be sure to spot celebrities in the event that they show up. And they do. You never know who you might see here.

Nashville has a coolness factor that is hard to describe, but Loveless Cafe’s country spirit captures it in a magnificent way. From the patterned/gingham check tablecloths to the Mason jar glasses, Loveless Cafe is the epitome of the South. Can we get a “heck yeah” for breakfast being served all day?

Order from the ala carte menu or share a family sized meal, which is what we did on our last visit.

The family-style breakfast #2 we chose included fresh fruit salad, scrambled eggs, hashbrown casserole, crispy bacon (or sausage), sausage gravy, stone-ground cheesy grits (another Southern staple), and famous Loveless country ham slices. OMG, we were in heaven! This is the only place that I order ham because it is tender, salty, and darned tasty. And those grits. Restaurants in the South know how to make them so good! My favorite part of the meal was the flavorful hashbrown casserole, best described as ooey-gooey cheesy deliciousness. Breakfast portions are just right; not too much or too little. Our server did ask if we wanted more of any certain item, but we had plenty. Every morsel we put into our mouths was pure bliss.

The Best Thing at Loveless Cafe is Free: Regardless of what you order at the Loveless Cafe, the best part is free. A piping hot plate of mouth-watering, world-famous biscuits comes complimentary to each table. How good are they? The restaurant’s bakers produce 10,000 a day; that is how good! Loveless Cafe’s billowy biscuits cannot be beaten, especially paired with the sweetness of homemade preserves and jams. You cannot visit Nashville and not try one of these beauties.

Price Range: Moderately Priced $10-13 per person for breakfast.

Hours: 7 AM to 9 PM Daily

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The Loveless Cafe is a Nashville, Tennessee landmark with authentic home-cooked meals.

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  1. Billie Frank says:

    I love Loveless- was just thinking about it the other day craving their fried chicken and fixins.

    1. Melody says:

      Oh yum! I haven’t had their fried chicken but the fixins would be my fave!! 😉

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