Small Plates at Maryhill Winery and Tasting Room: Vancouver, Washington

Pair small plates with award-winning wines, add in the beauty, bustle, and marine air of the Vancouver Waterfront, and you have a winning combination at Maryhill Winery and Tasting Room. Location: Maryhill Winery and Tasting Room is located at 801 Waterfront Way, #105A, Vancouver, Washington. Menu: The menu offers a selection of small plates, ranging…

Creativity Sparks at Gray’s Restaurant and Bar

In the hub of the downtown core of Vancouver, Washington, and across from Esther Short Park, Gray’s has a new chef who likes to experiment with flavors and presentation. His plates are artistically presented and his ideas are innovative. Location: Gray’s: 301 W 6th Street, Vancouver, Washington. Located in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel….

Brunch at Belgard Kitchen in Vancouver, BC

Ah, brunch. One of the most beloved meals because of its varied menu, late start time, and socially acceptable pre-noon cocktails. Its popularity means it’s not surprising many restaurants now offer a version. However, few do it as beautifully as Belgard Kitchen. And in a foodie mecca like Vancouver, , that’s saying quite a lot….