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Café de Flore: A French Café With A Pedigree

Café de Flore has rightly earned the reputation of being one of the most famous cafés in the world. Since 1887, it has hosted numerous literary figures, movie stars, and celebs. [amazon_textlink asin=’0684843323′ text=’Ernest Hemingway’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’eed0d2f0-9b28-11e8-9a87-af7b2ea00982′] proclaimed it his favorite café back in the day. Café de Flore has inspired books— and books have been written by authors using the café as an office. Since the grand opening, its popularity has never waned. If you want to experience old-world Paris, this is your café.

Location: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, [amazon_textlink asin=’1631216678′ text=’Paris’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fa342b07-9b28-11e8-b4c5-1156e78f76bd’], France

Menu: Make no mistake, Café de Flore is a French institution – the menu reflects its rich history. Of course, you’ll find the traditional quiche with a green salad, omelets, a choice of club sandwiches (one made without white bread and named after the designer [amazon_textlink asin=’B000CNME0O’ text=’Sonia Rykiel’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’604af6ef-9b29-11e8-b0e6-d59b831c1f99′]), and salads galore.

If you are in the mood for something uniquely French, order La Terrine de Café de Flore Par Gilles Vérot, (veal, chicken breast, and duck foie gras). You’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive menu – a milkshake or a flute of Moët Et Chandon Millésimé, French onion soup or a hard boiled egg?

Thoughts: Our timing was perfect. This was my husband’s first visit and I wanted him to experience the covered terrace. As we approached the entry the waiter pointed to a table on the terrace, we nodded yes.

After laying the table cover, our waiter left us with menus. The paper table cover was designed by [amazon_textlink asin=’B0742RDM1Z’ text=’French cartoonist Jean-Jacque Sempé ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8f33c16e-9b2c-11e8-a76b-cbbb7dfe09dd’]- a regular at the café for 40 years. When our waiter returned to take our order I commented on the cover. He said, “We go through thousands a week.”

We both ordered omelets, cheese for me, ham and cheese for my husband. I ordered a glass of Chablis, my husband had a café crème. Many locals claim it’s the best coffee in town. When the waiter returned with our drinks, he turned on the overhead heater as it was a chilly morning. That little heater worked marvelously and heated half the terrace.

Tip: Don’t be leary of sitting outside on a chilly day. The overhead heaters will warm you right up.

Our omelets were delicious, as I knew they would be. They were light and fluffy with the right amount of filling. I’ve visited often and have never had a bad meal.

Café de Flore is situated on a busy corner of one of Paris’ most popular streets. We enjoyed watching life unfold while we ate. This is one of those cafés that should be on your restaurant bucket list. The history alone makes it worth the visit but the food and service is excellent.

Price RangeOur lunch was €41.30, right in line for the location. The prices reflect the neighborhood and the pedigree of the café. It’s not the least expensive café but it’s not the most spendy either. For breakfast, a croissant and a café crème is a reasonable €8.60. A basic green salad is priced at €8 while a Salad Niçoise is €22. Omelets are €9-11, club sandwiches €22-24. The dessert menu is extensive with an average price of €14. The drink menu is broken down by hot, cold, alcohol, and tea. My Chablis was €9.70, a Coca-Cola is €6.50, the best coffee in town,  €5.90.

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A review of lunch at the famous Cafe de Flore in Paris, France. #fromtheyums

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