Tasty and tender Beef Stroganoff from Fanny's Terrace Bistro.

Fanny’s Terrace Bistro: Volcan, Panama

During a road trip to Volcan,(home of the famous 14,000 foot Volcan Baru), my friend suggested one of her favorite spots, Fanny’s Terrace Bistro. Fanny’s serves fresh gourmet meals, something not easy to find in the country of Panama. I looked forward to Fanny’s Terrace Bistro all day, and after enjoying a visit with sloths and howler monkeys beforehand, I had worked up an appetite.

Location: Fanny’s Terrace Bistro is in the town of Volcan and is clearly marked on the main road. Volcan is approximately an hour from the neighboring town of Boquete.

Menu: The menu at Fanny’s Terrace Bistro changes daily and is posted on a stand at the restaurant entrance. Fresh farm-to-table meals, both American and Panamanian styles, were the offerings including appetizers, entrées, salads, and desserts.

Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed Fanny’s take on local cuisine, as well as her skill level for creating tasty dishes that Americans love and cannot find often in the country of Panama. Fanny came to speak to all of her guests; most appeared to be regular customers. Fanny’s Terrace Bistro is definitely a restaurant I will return to and take my husband and friends. The only drawback for me was that the restaurant did not serve sodas, only fresh juice, tea, coffee, beer, and wine. With such a long, twisty drive home, alcohol was not an option for us and I would have enjoyed a refreshing cola drink.

My Favorite Dishes: My friend and I shared both the Beef Stroganoff and Pasta al Gusto, which was in a Carbonara sauce. They were both equally great. The Beef Stroganoff came with a side dish and we selected Greek Salad. Had we known that the stroganoff didn’t come with rice or noodles, we would have ordered one of those instead. Fanny uses her homegrown herbs for the salads and the combination she chose was spot on. Our Beef Stroganoff was made with tender filet mignon, tart sliced pickles, mushrooms, and was nestled in a bed of mouth-watering sauce. We sopped it up with a slice of bread.

I’m a big fan of quality pasta dishes and our Carbonara was a winner. Rich and creamy white sauce covered spaghetti noodles with bacon and fresh chives. Yum! It was so decadent. The serving presentations were lovely as well.

Fanny’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Price Range: Main courses run the gamut from $6.50-$18.

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