Flavor Blossoms at Thai Bloom, Beaverton, Oregon

Thai Bloom is renowned for its authentic Thai food and has a reputation as one of the best Thai restaurants in the Beaverton area.

Location: Thai Bloom is located at 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, Oregon.

Menu: Thai Bloom offers a large menu of traditional Thai dishes including appetizers, curry dishes, noodles, soups, stir-fries, and fried rice dishes. There is also a range of house specialties featuring chicken, tofu, beef, salmon, duck, and seafood. There are vegan and vegetarian options. The vast menu offers a dish for everyone’s taste. For those who prefer extra spice, a quality chili oil is served alongside.

Thoughts: As one enters the premise, one steps into the culture of a Thai Restaurant. The reception area welcomes guests with a photo of the chefs, all of whom are trained in their native country and bring to the table a large selection of talents. Innovation is encouraged which results in seasonal specialties. Above the cashier are photos of the Thai royal family.

We were a group of 11 so had the opportunity to experience a variety of dishes. We began with a selection of appetizers including salad rolls, veggie spring rolls, chicken wings, ahi tuna rolls, and pork and ginger pot stickers. I particularly enjoyed the salad rolls. The ultra thin rice paper allowed the flavor of the veggies to shine through and was served with two dipping sauces: peanut and sweet chili. For the ahi tuna rolls, one could make the soy sauce as feisty as one prefers with the wasabi. Plates were attractively presented and each had a garnish of a orange blossom. The variety of tasty appetizers could be a meal in themselves.

My entree choice was pad thai with chicken and vegetables. Being a noodle lover, I enjoyed the thin rice noodles teamed with sweet turnip, egg, and green onions. Bean sprouts and peanut crumbles gave a nice crunch to the dish. One of my companions enjoyed the Miang Kum, a delicious vegan option. Alongside the spinach leaves were a variety of ingredients to build one’s own spinach wraps. Flavors ranged from shallots, ginger, toasted peanuts, coconut flakes, lime, and Thai chili. Dipping sauce was a sweet chutney.

My friend’s comments ranged from the flavor of the dishes to the service. One person was most impressed with the fast service. Another commented on the large menu and variety of dishes. We all appreciated the freshness of ingredients, the colorful presentation of dishes and the outstanding service.

The atmosphere of Thai Bloom is a relaxed, casual bistro style. All the dishes were visually pleasing with a signature blossom garnish. Servings are very generous – you will probably have enough for lunch the next day. The popularity of the restaurant was evidenced by the full house, even on a Tuesday evening. There is a location in SW Portland and a food truck. Delivery and take-out are also available.

Price Range: Appetizers begin at $5.99 for fried tofu to $11.99 for Crying Tiger – flank steak. There is also a Thai Bloom combination sampler at $14.99. Soups are available for $5 or a family-style portion of $14 – $16. Stir-fries range from $11 – $16. Curry, noodle, and fried rice dishes range from $14 – $18. House specialties begin at $11.99 for chicken or tofu and veggies, to $18.99 for the seafood medley to $22.99 for crispy duck.

Disclosure: My companions and I were provided a complimentary dinner on a Tualatin Valley Fam Trip.

Jo-Anne Bowen

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