MOORE’S GOURMET MARKET: Cartersville, Georgia Gem

A tucked-away bistro with amazing food, Moore’s Gourmet Market in Cartersville, Georgia is a delightful place to dine in a socially-distanced setting.

Location: Moore’s Gourmet Market, 227 Fite Street, Cartersville, Georgia

Menu: Taking advantage of the full bar at Moore’s Gourmet Market is the habit of many loyal diners. From the slightly naughty “Redhead in the Bed” to 10 different flavors of mules and on to domestic, imported and craft beers, this small spot has an impressive number of drink options.

Appetizers range from diet-busting to severely healthy, and the menu claims to never use iceburg lettuce. Fried selections of Brussel sprouts, cheese curds, chicken livers and pork skins are listed alongside guacamole and pretzel bites. The goat cheese and kale salad is a headliner next to a large green salad prepared with a choice of six different proteins. Sandwiches and burgers are served in addition to dinner portions of steak, chicken, pork, fish and vegetables.

Every day brings a couple of special dishes that aren’t on the menu, a soup du jour, a quiche du jour and seasonal sides. It is apparent that the chef has been influenced by the flavors and dishes of New Orleans when you spy the Po-Boys, almond bread pudding, Whole-Lotta Jambalaya, dirty rice and Creole shrimp on the menu offerings. The day I visited I had the New Orleans chicken, dirty rice and side of fresh field peas. The dishes were perfectly seasoned and the chicken was tender and juicy.

Thoughts: The restaurant’s motto — “Good food, good friends, good times” — is an apt description. Moore’s Gourmet Market is located on a residential street in a quiet neighborhood, several blocks from the bustle of downtown. The building has a vintage look, and I learned that it was formerly a meat market and deli that evolved into its present identity. There is almost as much outdoor seating as indoor, which is particularly appealing in light of COVID-19 fears. Tables are spaced prudently apart, and staff members wear masks. The outdoor patio area has a canopy of thick greenery, light gray umbrellas, and several fans, making it pleasant even on hot, humid Georgia days.

There is a generous-sized parking lot, and Moore’s is pet-friendly in the outdoor seating space. Obviously, it is within easy walking distance from the homes of a number of lucky Cartersville folks. No wonder the weekend brunch is so popular.

Even though Moore’s has a full bar, the atmosphere is still family friendly. The food is exceptionally good, and service is friendly and attentive. I noticed some tall heaters on the patio which undoubtedly extend the time when outdoor seating is feasible from early spring into late fall.

Full-service catering is available. Just submit the online form to begin the process of planning your event.

Visitors to Cartersville may be surprised to know the town has earned its nickname of “Georgia’s Museum City.” Moore’s Gourmet Market is close enough to several of the museums to make it a good choice for lunch between museum visits or for dinner after a day of discovery and learning. Rose Lawn Museum, Bartow History Museum and Booth Western Art Museum are the closest, and they are all exceptional.

Price range: Appetizers and salads range from $5.95-16.95. Burgers, sandwiches, veggie plates or entrees are $7.25-22.95. Desserts are $5.25-6.25, and specialty drinks are $8.50-12.00.

Connie Pearson

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