The Bekery in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Serving fresh-baked goods for breakfast, brunch and lunch, The Bekery is a cozy and delicious gathering place for locals and visitors in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Location: The Bekery, 206 West 11th Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Menu: The menu is simple, but ever-changing and always appealing to the customers who come in for a quick bite or for a leisurely, casual meal with friends.

The main staples will always be scones, quiches and cinnamon rolls, but the mystery will be what flavor of scones or what combination of ingredients will be in the quiches. And, will this be the morning that cinnamon roll bread pudding will be available? Breakfast sandwiches, croissants, muffins, biscuits and cookies can also be ordered to accompany coffee or tea served in pre-warmed mugs. Lemonade and iced beverages are available as well.

Many diners prefer to gather for lunch, and they will also have tasty choices. Housemade baguettes, ciabatta, Cuban bread, croissants, foccacia and flatbreads are used to create fresh sandwiches. There are always salads, soups and fruit ready to be served as additional menu choices. Look for their special King Cake recipe during Mardi Gras season.

Thoughts: It is easy to see why The Bekery is so popular in Lake Charles. It is, after all, the fulfillment of a dream and a passion for lifelong resident and owner Rebekah Hoffpauir, who is also a graduate of nearby McNeese State University. “The Bekery” is a great combination of her first name and the primary focus of her business. She loves to bake and is continuously experimenting with new recipes. She and her crew make the sacrifice of beginning the day’s baking at 4:00 a.m.

The long, glass-fronted display case is the first to catch your eye when you enter, but you’ll quickly notice the crisp white interior with pops of black and teal. Muffin tins adorn the walls, and fresh flowers are placed on every table. New Orleans jazz plays in the background. The building was once a rice warehouse which adds to the vintage, homey atmosphere, and the large outdoor patio beckons diners to linger when the weather permits.

I have visited The Bekery twice so far. The first time I had a wonderful slice of quiche with fresh fruit and shared a portion of cinnamon roll bread pudding. The second time, I sampled various muffins and scones. Every menu item I’ve tried has been wonderful.

Price range: Baked goods and breads range from $1.25-4.50. Slices of quiche are $3.50. Breakfast sandwiches are $3.50-6.50, and lunch sandwiches are $5.50-8.50.

Disclosure: The reviewer received a complimentary meal as part of a press trip sponsored by VisitLakeCharles.

Connie Pearson

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