A Farm to Table Dinner at The Wildflower Cafe in Mason, Ohio

The goal of the owners of the Wildflower Café is to lovingly serve delicious food that has grown with integrity from local and organic farms.  Mission accomplished.  Quality local ingredients, minimal environmental impact, and sustainable local economics are the cornerstone of this farm to table restaurant.  The menu never gets old, as it is always changing at a restaurant operating with a fresh forward philosophy.

Location: 207 East Main Street, Mason, [amazon_textlink asin=’1581573480′ text=’Ohio’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’de181bae-e182-11e8-8860-c32a48a19295′]

Menu: Eclectic Ohio Dining is the way owners Todd and Jenna describe their offerings.  While most of the food is sourced locally, there is tremendous creativity with the preparation and the presentation, making it more interesting than traditional Midwestern fare. With the exception of Lake Erie, Ohio is landlocked. So, most seafood must travel a distance to get here. The ease and accessibility of flights committed to transporting fresh seafood mean shrimp, scallops, and oysters in Ohio get better all the time.

Fresh Alabama Gulf shrimp are used in the Shrimp Tostada, where they are coconut crusted and served with pineapple slaw, local lettuce, local radish, and curried basmati rice.  Contrast this to the Organic Filet Salad served with pepper bacon, local lettuce, house pesto, balsamic tomato, red onion, minced cucumber and organic blue cheese dressing.

The Shrimp and Grits are served in a brown sauce along with root vegetables.  A midwestern take on a typical southern entrée?  Perhaps. If you are a big shrimp and grits fan, you will appreciate a new twist on an old favorite.

The Dogwood Chicken Pot Pie is the epitome of comfort food on a cold night.  The pasture-raised chicken, herb cream sauce, local root vegetables, and fried carrots underneath a huge puff pastry is just what you might expect to be served in this old farmhouse.

Craft cocktails change seasonally, and there is an extensive wine list.  Local beers are offered, and growlers are filled to take home.

Dessert offerings included Grandma Sheila’s Bread Pudding, Chocolate Peanut Butter Napoléon, and Crème Caramel du Jour.  It feels just like grandma’s house.  Be surprised by what has been prepared!

Thoughts: Mason, Ohio used to be a quiet, rural farming community just north of Cincinnati.  With urban sprawl, it became a vibrant, popular suburb known for great schools and a high quality of life.  The century-old farmhouse on the main drag that is now the home to the Wildflower Café is a reminder of what Mason used to be – when neighbors knew each other, and everyone was welcome at the dinner table.

Owners Todd and Jenna purchased the home in 2007 and lived upstairs as they renovated the downstairs that would become the restaurant.  This place is a true labor of love.  The bright, crisp whitewashed walls on the inside are welcoming on a cold Ohio day.  Patio seating in the backyard expands the seating capacity.  The patio is a perfect place to relax with friends on a nice evening.

Price Range:  Starters $4-12, Salads $6-16, Entrees $14-36, Desserts $6-8.

Victoria Hart

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