Eclectic Fare At June’s All Day – Austin, Texas

What do you get when you mix a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox, a bonafide wine bar, and elevated diner food? You get June’s All Day in Austin, Texas.

Restaurateurs Larry McGuire and Tom Moorman wanted to create a wine bar. They also wanted a place where you could eat delicious food all day and night, so they created June’s. Master Sommelier June Rodil curates the wine list (and is the namesake for June’s). Rodil wants the offerings to pair with the food and feel accessible for her patrons.

It is a neighborhood spot on the trendy shopping street known as South Congress Avenue. The patio is perfect for people watching and sipping wine; which pairs perfectly with the unique offerings that come from the kitchen.

Location: June’s All Day is located at 1722 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

Menu: June’s feels very French, but there are flavors from all over the world on the menu. Breakfast items like homemade granola or chalupas are favorites. Salt cod croquettes, steak frites, and bone marrow Bolognaise are some of the choices available for lunch or dinner.

Whether you drop in for a scone and a coffee or go for a meal inside in the chic bistro with its black and white checked floor and marble wrap-around bar, you can choose from tantalizing options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Menu items include breakfast chalupas, snacks, huge salads, and entrees like Chicken Paillard.

Thoughts: After an afternoon of meandering around one of the coolest shopping streets in Austin, I felt the need to take a break and grab some sustenance. Luckily, June’s was nearby. June’s sits on a corner among the funky boutiques in SO CO. I asked the host to sit outside and was lucky to get a small, marble-topped table on the patio. I noticed that the outdoor seating area was lovely. Rectangular planters with lush plants define the space, and navy blue awnings offer shade to the seats by the window. The patio is dog-friendly.

My server gave me a menu, a carafe of cold water, and offered me the wine list. Even though June’s is a wine bar as well, I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to sip spirits. I checked out the offerings though, and the list was extensive and impressive. The selections hail from California, Argentina, South Africa, and Europe.

As I scanned the menu, I noticed a Matzo Ball Caldo. I was intrigued and I asked my server to explain the dish. The Caldo is primarily a chicken and cilantro based broth with poached chicken, vegetables, and matzo balls. I ordered it. The Caldo came in a substantial Chinese inspired soup bowl brimming with huge chunks of chicken. On the top floats half of an avocado, a slice of lime, jalapenos, and cilantro leaves.

I enjoyed the bright splash of lime mixed with the vibrancy of the cilantro. The tender carrots, shredded cabbage, and pillowy matzo balls (combined with the delicate broth) received a spicy kick from the jalapeno pepper slices floating on top. All the ingredients joined to make this a light but filling soup; a delicious fusion of Mexican and Jewish flavors.

The Caldo was so filling and satisfying that I skipped dessert. The inventive selections like doughnut profiteroles, marshmallow fluff brownies or monster cookies looked enticing. Of course, June curated a terrific selection of dessert wines to sip alongside them.

Price: Breakfast plates are $12-16. Snacks range from $11 -14 dollars. The seared foie gras is $21. Little plates are $12-25. Entrees are $18-35.

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