Flourless Chocolate Cake with Fruit Compote at Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis, Missouri

Gamlin Whiskey House in St. Louis, Missouri

With over 300 whiskeys in the Gamlin Whiskey House collection, you’re sure to find something to pair perfectly with your meal.

Location: Gamlin Whiskey House located at 236 North Euclid Avenue in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri.

Menu: The menu at Gamlin Whiskey House is a traditional steakhouse menu with an American twist. The steaks are grass-fed beef, and the cuisine created with locally-sourced ingredients.

You’ll find whiskey represented throughout the menu. The short rib sliders have a bourbon barbecue sauce, one of the butter types on the breadboard is honey-bourbon peppercorn, the arugula and rye salad has a vanilla-infused rye whiskey vinaigrette, or you can add a shot of old Grand-Dad to the char crusted marrow. In the entrees, the braised and bonded short ribs come topped with an Old Grand-Dad Bonded bourbon herb sauce.

For those requiring a gluten-free menu, one is available.

If you’re looking for a local Saint Louis dish, try the house made toasted ravioli or the Saint Louis wedge salad. Their toasted ravioli is stuffed with beef tips, cream cheese, and spinach. Then they flavor the ravioli with garlic and onions. A tomato-basil cream sauce accompanies the ravioli for dipping.

The Saint Louis wedge salad starts with crunchy iceberg lettuce and then it’s topped with blue cheese, creamy avocado, and crispy bacon. Bits of diced tomato, corn, and red onion completes the dish. Mayfair blue cheese dressing finishes the salad. The blue cheese on this salad is mild.

Thoughts: When I think of a steak house, I think of traditional heavy paneling and darkened rooms. At Gamlin Whiskey House the environment is light and bright with the décor trending to a distillery vibe with cooper light fixtures and American white oak barrels. Open wooden shelves line the walls with traditional Mason jars filled with preserved fruits and vegetables. White oak menu boxes become functional decorations – each box holding three menus – one each for whiskey, wine, and cocktails. Photographs lining the walls depict the Gamlin brother’s travels to Whiskey Country.

Some of my favorite dishes are:

  • The signature house salad. It starts with a curly deep green kale chiffonade, mixed with slivered almonds, dried cranberries, golden raisins, and grated Manchego cheese, a sheep’s milk cheese imported from Spain. A lemon vinaigrette makes the perfect foil to the kale.
  • The breadboard. It’s an updated presentation on a breadboard rather than in the traditional bread basket. It’s a combination of three types of bread and a choice of three kinds of butter. The bread types rotate; but our breadboard offered tomato-basil ciabatta, epi – a roll with a firm crust and a soft inside studded with raisins, and finally, a white yeast roll with apricot bits blended in. Your choice of three house-made kinds of butter accompanies the bread. The selections include honey-bourbon peppercorn, garlic-Parmesan, strawberry basil, bleu cheese, a spicy herb butter, and beer-braised onion.
  • The flourless chocolate cake frosted in dark chocolate and decorated with a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle. It sits on a blackberry sauce accompanied by house-made whipped cream. Strawberries and blueberries top off the dessert for a combination of chocolate decadence and fruity freshness.

If you’re looking for a dessert cocktail, try the cherry chocolate bourbon float. Starting with Gamlin’s chocolate ice cream, they top it with Maker’s Mark bourbon and black cherry soda. It’s irresistible.

Price Range: Appetizers range from $14 for the hot chicken strips to $25 for the artisanal cheese board. Soups are $6 for a cup and $8 for a bowl. Salads range from $5.50 for the house salad to $19 for the crab and avocado salad. Sandwiches range from $14 for the BLTA to $18 for the steak sandwich. Plates range from $16 for chicken fried chicken or the shrimp pasta to $45 for the seven-ounce beef filet. Desserts are $10. Lunch for two runs about $75 including tax and gratuity.

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