KO, Modern Korean Cuisine Newtown, Pennsylvania

KO offers a modern dining experience and a fresh take on classic Korean dishes. The sleek and simple interior of the restaurant belies the sophisticated and innovative menu that combines authentic Korean cuisine with Asian -fusion style small plates, fresh sushi, a myriad of gluten-free and vegetarian options and a full-service bar. There are so many tempting choices that one could eat here daily for a week and still not repeat a dish- unless you select the Gopdol Bibimbap, which is so alluring that I order it almost every visit.

Location: KO Modern Korean Cuisine is located at 2817 South Eagle Road, Newtown, [amazon_textlink asin=’1631217348′ text=’Pennsylvania’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f3e98118-a477-11e8-bd79-33026b11ea41′].

Menu: The menu is vast. There are soups and stews, starter salads and steamed or fried dumplings. There are small plates with plenty of gluten free options for the vegetarian and meat-eater alike. An entire page of the menu is dedicated to rice and noodle dishes (brothy, saucy or crispy). You can select a KO platter comprised of rice, salad, pickled radish and an option of spicy or mild Bulgogi (marinated and grilled chicken, beef or pork). If you prefer Japanese fare, there are traditional teriyaki or bento boxes and a full boat of both raw and cooked sushi rolls. The restaurant also features an impressive list of gluten free sides including wok-fried brussels sprouts that have a delicious char, leaving them crisp and savory. Each shoot makes a great bite.

Thoughts: The restaurant is tucked away in a Newtown, Pennsylvania, shopping center, but the décor inside is so stylish and contemporary that you feel like you could be in any cosmopolitan city. The service is polite and responsive. They are prepared to answer any questions you may have about the cuisine and will suggest options that you might enjoy.

My dining partner requested a suggestion for a gluten-free appetizer. Our server encouraged us to order the shrimp and spinach dumplings. The wrapper was gluten-free, so I was sure it would be gummy, but I was wrong. The dumplings were steamed, the shrimp was fresh, and the flavor combination was fantastic.

For the entrée, I decided to depart from the Gopdol BBB and try the ramen. I chose chicken which is served in an enormous bowl with broth, noodles, vegetables and a poached egg. It is not a spicy dish, but you can ask for chili sauce which kicks up the heat and enhances the flavors of the meal. My friend ordered the Gopdol BBB with spicy pork. It comes in a sizzling hot stone pot filled with rice, marinated vegetables, a sunny-side up egg and a spicy sauce on the side. The heat of the pot crisps the rice on the bottom of the bowl and the contents becomes a mix of crunchy and soft grains which soaks up the flavor from the toppings and adds an interesting textural element to the dish.

The desserts are untraditional. You can order a Mochi ice cream in various flavors or try the homemade coconut ice cream which is so refreshing that it makes a for a delicate, creamy departure from some of the spiciness associated with traditional Korean flavors. The menu also offers various cake choices including, chocolate lava, red velvet, and a banana cheesecake spring roll. Decisions from this menu are hard to make, but every option is authentic, fresh and bursting with flavor.

Price Range: Soups, salads, and dumplings range from $7-$13. Small plates are $7-$16 (for seafood choices). Rice and noodle dishes are $13- $20. Platters and grilled Japanese dishes are $17-$28. Sushi rolls and signature rolls range from $6-$18, and sides are all $6. Desserts are $6-$8.

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