Mully’s Nacoochee Grill: Cozy Eatery in Helen, Georgia

Mully’s Nacoochee Grill in Helen, Georgia, is attracting diners from all over north Georgia with its wood-fire grilled entrees, trout and great music.

Location: 7277 South Main Street, Helen, Georgia

Menu: North Carolina trout is the best seller on Mully’s menu, but the shrimp and grits and baby back ribs come in a close second and third. Steaks and pork tenderloin are also prepared in delicious, chef-driven ways.

Grit fritters on the appetizer list and cheese grits under the sides category originate at nearby Nora Mill Granary, which has been producing stone ground grits since 1876. Baked pimento cheese spread and Southern collard greens star as appetizers and sides, as well.

Fried Oreos, cheesecake and seasonal bread pudding headline the dessert choices. The blackberry bread pudding I enjoyed during my visit was exceptional.

Thoughts: Owner Greg Ash quickly concocted a winning formula when he opened Mully’s six years ago. The name of the restaurant comes from his own nickname, given because of his tendency to ask for a mulligan when he plays golf, and is combined with its location at Historic Nacoochee Village.

Mully admits that he may be the face of the restaurant, but he quickly points to Chef Fern Frechette and Musician Kurt Johnson as making up the “soul” of the place. Frechette, born in Vermont but reared in Wales, has a ton of cooking experience in both New York and Los Angeles and now lives in nearby Innsbruck, GA. Johnson formally played with Bon Jovi and brings his impressive talents to Mully’s five nights a week.

The ambiance at Mully’s is increased by the building itself which is a rural farmhouse built in the early 1900’s and brought into its current location from the Leaf Community of north Georgia. The inviting front porch and cozy rooms inside make it an ideal spot for intimate gatherings with friends and family.

Mully knows his way around a kitchen as well as around Helen, Georgia. He is an enthusiastic cook who has been on the Helen Town Council and has served as its mayor. He waited until he was 60 years old to start this restaurant and is frequently seen mingling with his guests.

It is an altogether pleasing experience to enjoy a meal at Mully’s. I particularly recommend it at dinnertime when you can hear Johnson’s great music while you savor Chef Frechette’s culinary creations.

Price range: Appetizers range from $8-14. Salads are $8. Dinner entrees are $12-32, and desserts are $7.

Connie Pearson

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