Supermoon Japanese Cheesecake in Streetsville Ontario Canada

Supermoon Japanese-Style Cheesecakes in Streetsville Ontario Canada

Toronto Japanese-style cheesecake fans are raving about the latest food craze to hit the city and are willing to stand in long lineups to wait for the coveted treats to emerge from the oven. Supermoon Japanese -Style Cheesecakes brings this popular new foodie favorite out of downtown Toronto to the suburbs of Mississauga with their first bakery located in the Village of Streetsville.

Location: 19-128 Queen St South, Mississauga, [amazon_textlink asin=’1631210416′ text=’Ontario’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4d8df014-f56c-11e7-abb6-754cc98d9999′], Canada

Menu: The menu is limited and Japanese favorites are featured but with a little bit of a twist. Supermoon offers the regular plain Japanese-style cheesecake but also provides flavored versions as well as various types of bubble tea, and cheese tarts.

Thoughts: A busy bakery there is no seating available for dining in; there are only two benches that serve as a waiting area for your order to come out of the oven. The kitchen is open concept allowing you to watch the preparation process of the Japanese masterpieces. Another distraction to keep you occupied while you wait is the cute comic book illustration of the story of the Supermoon Rabbit painted on the wall — the same astronaut rabbit logo gets branded onto the top of each cake.

A Japanese cheesecake’s only similarity to a traditional cheesecake is that they are both made with cheese, but the differences are many. With no graham cracker crust and no fruit topping, Japanese cheesecakes are not dense and creamy but are light, fluffy and spongy. The mark of a good bite of Japanese cheesecake, in my opinion, is if it melts in your mouth.

Supermoon uses all fresh ingredients and three different types of cheese in their cheesecakes to create a light as air, fluffy cake. It’s interesting that with all those different cheeses in the mix that the cakes have only a very mild cheese flavor.

A few favorites to try:

  • Supermoon Original Cheesecake ($12CAN each): Start with the classic original if you are new to Japanese style cheesecakes. It’s light, fluffy and like biting into a mild cheese flavor cloud. Be careful, the cakes are addictive, and since it’s not dense and heavy, it’s easy (and bad for your waistline) to get carried away and eat the entire cake! As mentioned earlier there are different flavors available; Mars Red Velvet, Meteorite Chocolate as well as a flavor of the month.
  • Space Bubble Teas ($6CAN 16oz): My personal favorite is the mango — sweet, fresh with little bubbles of chewy gelatin. Other flavors available are taro, almond, matcha, strawberry, honeydew, and milk tea.
  • Extraterrestrial Cheese Tarts ($3 CAN each or 4 for $10): Resembling Portuguese cheese tarts with their caramelized sugar topping but with a smooth, creamy, dense traditional cheesecake-like interior in a crisp tart shell. These are excellent and not overly sweet.

Additional notes: It’s recommended to call ahead and preorder your cake especially if you want a red-velvet, chocolate flavored cake, or if you are placing a large order. It takes about an hour to bake so you may need to wait. Purchase a combination of items from the menu and receive a 10% discount.

The next time you are looking for a sweet treat try something a little exotic with a Supermoon Japanese-style Cheesecake – they are out of this world!

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Supermoon Japanese Cheesecake in Streetsville Ontario CanadaSupermoon Japanese Cheesecake in Streetsville Ontario Canada - Cheese Tarts


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