Cygnus27's mixed paella is one of several Spanish dishes on the menu.

Cygnus27: Latin-Inspired Cuisine in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cygnus27, named for the constellation, sent me over the moon with its Latin-inspired dishes. The panoramic night views make the city lights reminiscent of stars. A sprinkle of twinkling lights against a golden sheer fabric backdrop continues the celestial theme.

Location: Cygnus27 located at 187 Monroe Avenue NW on the twenty-seventh floor, Tower Side, of the Amway Grand Plaza hotel in downtown Grand Rapids, [amazon_textlink asin=’1631214047′ text=’Michigan’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a3fdf9fa-24c8-11e8-9d56-0be3b518ae1a’].

Menu: The menu, based on Latin-inspired cuisine, included specialties like mixed paella. Spanish seafood specialties, like Spanish octopus, salmon ceviche, and pan-seared lubina, frequently appeared throughout the menu. The menu featured scratch-made dishes, including the house-made chorizo. In addition to Spanish favorites, you’ll find Brazilian rolls and [amazon_textlink asin=’191108223X’ text=’South American’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bc9b3f69-24c8-11e8-9bc0-7909baf7457c’] empanadas to round out things. The servers eagerly explained the Spanish fare to those new to this cuisine.

With over a dozen gluten-free options on the menu, it’s easy to find an enjoyable gluten-free meal.

Thoughts: Sitting in the center-elevated platform, allowed us to enjoy the panoramic view in many directions. There were about a dozen tables directly next to the windows, which afford a great view of Grand Rapids cityscape. Cygnus27 was a fantastic place to watch the sunset.

The Manchego fritters dotted with caramelized onion and red pepper jam started with a slightly sweet taste. They were creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside, creating a balanced texture. Served in a pool of roasted red bell pepper coulis, it resulted in a savory finish.

The Spanish flatbread had a thin crispy crust. Manchego cheese, piquillo peppers, caramelized onions add a hint of sweetness contrasted to the briny black olives. Pine nuts added another type of crush. Then it’s topped with greens, fresh herbs and dotted with tomato salsa.

The Ensalada Verde, green salad, started with a bed of mixed local greens. Then crisp green Granny Smith apples and Bosc pears served in balls, with haricot vert, and avocado. The chef mixed shaved Idiazábal cheese throughout the salad and combined everything in a sherry vinaigrette.

The mixed paella served in a paella pan was a work of art. Mussels still in the shell surrounded the shrimp centered on the plate. The server placed the cast iron pan, decorated with a white napkin, on a black wrought iron trivet. Circles of chorizo rounded out the protein. The bottom layer of bomba rice added a crunchy texture and salty bits, called socarrat. The socarrat added interest to the dish. This version also included peas, piquillo pepper, and artichokes. Spanish aioli made a tasty garnish.

The server presented a basket of three types of bread accompanied by two different spreads. One spread was a salted butter spread; the other was a mixture of roasted red pepper and cream cheese. The bread basket included a round roll, which was a Brazilian Swiss cheese style roll, a ciabatta roll, and finally one with mixed olives. Bread plates were in keeping with the celestial theme, shaped like crescent moons.

A formed dark chocolate mousse covered with a hard-shell of dark chocolate, accompanied by a quenelle of Chantilly cream, topped with freeze-dried passion fruit for added crunch, halved raspberries, three dots of raspberry coulis and a generous swoosh of passion fruit coulis. Small purple edible flowers added a touch of spring.

The meal ended by serving each guest a small round lemon cookie with Cygnus27 printed in the frosting.

The restaurant includes free-valet parking. Let the valet know that you’re eating in Cygnus27 and be sure to get your ticket validated at the restaurant.

Price Range: Tapas, appetizers, from the sea range from $12 for corn crusted calamari to $14 for Spanish octopus. Tapas, from the land, range from $10 for the Manchego fritters to Jamón Ibérico Fermin for $22. The seasonal soups and salads range from $10 for parsnip and Idiazábal cheese soup with a pepita pesto to $13 for a tuna salad. Entrees range from $26 for carrot ravioli to $39 for a filet of beef tenderloin mignon. The entrees include starch and vegetable. Desserts are $9. Dinner for two runs about $100 including tax and gratuity.

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Cygnus27's Latin-inspired food, presented in a panoramic city view.

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