Brooklyn-Style NY Pizza in Florida at Pizza Time, St Augustine

Brooklyn-Style NY Pizza in Florida at Pizza Time, St Augustine

In [easyazon_link identifier=”1561644323″ locale=”US” tag=”theyum-20″]St. Augustine, Florida[/easyazon_link], while touring the oldest city in the United States of America, we stumbled upon a long line forming outside the door of Pizza Time and joined in.

Seeing a long queue coming out of a restaurant at meal time is going to make a person take notice. Travelers looking for somewhere to eat when visiting a new city should take heed of this sign as evidence of good eats!

Location: Pizza Time, 124 St George Street, St. Augustine, Florida

Menu: Brooklyn style New York pizza is the reason to come here, and there are 20+ assorted varieties of pizza on the menu. Other offerings include calzones, panzerotti, and garlic knots the size of your fist served with marinara sauce for dipping.

Thoughts: The mark of a pizza place that cares is when they heat up your slice for you before serving – ensuring that the crust is crisp, the toppings hot and that the cheese is oooey, gooey, good. I found the crust on my pepperoni pizza to be crisp, not greasy and limp like I often find with mass-market pizza from chain establishments. This pizza was fresh, toppings were plentiful, and it was well worth the price and the wait in the long queue.

With over 30 years in the business of making pizzas, it’s a bit of nostalgic fun to see the photos that line the wall of the restaurant featuring owner, Domenico, and other staff members through the years.

Pizza Time is primarily a grab and go, cash only, take-out spot, but there are seats in the back of the restaurant. Conveniently next door to the restaurant is Gelato Time — the perfect sweet icy cold end to your meal that will remind you of that last trip to Italy.

What to try:
You can’t go wrong with pizza classics like a pepperoni, meat lovers, or mushroom. But I highly suggest you include some garlic knots to your order to complete the entire experience.

Price:  Slices of Pizza $4.95 each.  20” round whole pizzas – $26.00 to 30.00 depending on the style. Garlic Knots: 3 for $2.25.

Additional Notes:  In 2015 Pizza Time won the Trip Advisor prize for second best pizza in the United States.

If you find yourself in St. Augustine Florida and see a long line up at Pizza Time – jump in line with everyone else – you won’t be sorry you had to wait.

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Brooklyn-Style New York Pizza in Florida at Pizza Time, St Augustine a Review for the Yums

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