Smoked Meat and Poutine at Dunn’s Famous Montreal Quebec

Smoked Meat and Poutine at Dunn’s Famous Montreal Quebec

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

That’s the phrase that comes to mind after I finished my Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich and a huge bowl of poutine at Dunn’s Famous in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Location: 1249 Metcalfe Street, Montreal, Quebec

Thoughts: A [amazon_textlink asin=’1628871903′ text=’Montreal’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’theyums-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’438d6397-875c-11e7-9938-9b64d0ff924f’] icon, Dunn’s Famous has been in business since 1927, and at this location of Rue Metcalfe Street and Rue Ste. Catherine Street West since 2000. The decor recreates the original deli restaurant of the past. With red vinyl covered seats, wooden booths, old fashioned stools at the bar, and old school lighting, this restaurant isn’t trying to be hip or retro – it’s merely faithful to its original self. You can glimpse into the restaurant’s past and view its history via the black and white photos that surround the interior walls.

Open 24 hours a day, Dunn’s Famous is a mecca for smoked meat aficionados, and although it may not be the #1 place in Montreal for smoked meat, it’s the most “famous” (it says so in its name). Their motto, plain and simple, says it all “Real food, for real people”.

A varied menu with everything on it including soup, salad, wraps, burgers, pasta, and pizza may distract you, but I’m of the opinion that you should come here for two things — the smoked meat and the poutine…you are in Montreal remember.

A few favorites to try at Dunn’s Famous:

Smoked Meat Le Petit Combo – 6 oz. of Montreal-Style smoked meat served medium on rye bread with coleslaw, pickles and french fries. Steaming hot, juicy, succulent, melt in your mouth OMG good. This meal is a messy one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ($14.50 CAN)

Dunn’s Famous Québécois Poutine – Fresh cut french fries covered in homemade brown gravy and fresh cheese curds. The hot gravy melts the cheese into stringy submission and makes for a very creamy, gooey bite. ($8 CAN)

TIP:  You can get the poutine as a dish on its own OR for $4 more you can change your regular fries that come with the sandwich to poutine. **Do this it’s absolutely worth it.

If you don’t want the rye bread, coleslaw and pickle — order the “Dunn’s Famous Poutine” ($14 CAN) it’s the best of both worlds! Québécois poutine with smoked meat gloriously piled on top. The angels will sing as you discover heaven in a bowl.

Pricing: Poutines range from $9 to $14 CAN; Pastas range from $12 to $16 CAN; Burgers range from $12 to $17 CAN.

Dunn’s Famous is open 24 hours a day. Takeout also available

The next time you are in downtown Montreal, make your way to Dunn’s Famous and have your smoked meat/poutine fantasy come to life!

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Montreal-style Smoked Meat Sandwich and Poutine at Dunn’s Famous Montreal Quebec

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